I am a

What Flower
Are You?

This is the flower I’m supposed to be. I like what it means but I have none in my garden. Interesting.

Well the cats, dogs, two sons and I are at the river. Hopefully my DH and other son will come down tomorrow and we’ll get a couple of days together. Wrestling season means practices even during Christmas break. And girlfriend home from college means who wants to be with family.

On the positive side, my Christmas shopping is done and wrapped. But DH likes to do the shopping for the kids. And I let him. I’ll help him wrap though.

I haven’t been writing. I am using Christmas prep as an excuse but the truth is that I’m afraid to go back to rewriting. After all if I don’t rewrite it, it can’t get rejected. Can’t get accepted either.

I’ve done the shopping, most of the wrapping, put together a gingerbread house and tree with my youngest (Premade kit but this is the first year we’ve actually made the kit I bought), mailed Christmas cards, finalized cabinets, plumbing, electric fixtures, floors, paint. Started loan process. Decorated(sparingly) the rented place. The only things I have left to do are clean and decorate this house, make cookies, pumpkin pie, wrap a couple of things. Procrastinating writing has done wonders for helping me get everything else done.

Tomorrow, I plan to start rewriting again. Goal five hours writing a day except for Christmas. No cruising the ‘net, email, reading until I do that.

I am so damn scared of failing.

Back to the Future came on the other night and I watched it with DH and my youngest. Funny, putting yourself out there, risking rejection is what that movie is about. I never realized it before.

The results from the contest I entered my second book in came back this week. It got the next to the lowest score.

I will do the rewrites but screw the contests.

6 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    “Screw the Contests!” should be be on a tee-shirt. I know lots of people who couldn’t final in a contest but got great contracts anyway.

    I’m a canna too. No wonder we get along so well. : )

  2. Scope Dope Cherrybomb Says:

    We all fear rejection Robin but just do the best you can. Remember what Jenny said, if a publisher (or editor) rejects you they are just wrong. It probably only means it wasn’t right for that publisher. There is one out there that it will be right for.

    Remember too, even Bob got rejected this year. I guess that means we should not worry about it so much.

    You are a great story teller. Just tell your story.

    Merry Christmas. Keep smiling.

  3. McB Says:

    Robin, you are a writer. I think this whole rewrite thing is just spooking you because you’ve forgotten why you wrote it to begin with.

    You wrote it for yourself.

    So let yourself dive back into that world, forget about publishers and readers and all the rest. Put it out of your head so that you can make more room for Mike and Joey.

  4. dee Says:

    I can’t say anything new, so just know that I’m cheering for you, ok?

  5. bon cheri bomb Says:

    I have two quotes for you:

    It is impossible to discourage the real writers – they don’t give a damn what you say, they’re going to write.
    ~Sinclair Lewis

    Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.
    ~Erica Jong

    And I don’t think you’re afraid of failure. I think you’re like me, afraid to succeed. Because the thought of that is so much scarier, isn’t it?

    You just keep on writing. Or as Jenny might say “just tell the story” — you’re very good at that, you know. The rest will sort itself out.

  6. McB Says:

    And anyway, CherryBombs don’t fail. We just don’t detonate as planned.

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