I’m Baa-ack

I hate not having access to internet where we are living. I’ve had bronchitis and as soon as that cleared I went into asthmatic bronchitis. So I’ve been holed up in bed when I wasn’t out doing the things that had to be done like grocery shopping, ferrying kids around and buying appliances for the house. I have this at least once a year and my doc treats it immediately instead of futzing around saying maybe it’s a virus so now I’m well and planning on staying that way.

We are still not in our house though there has been progress. They finished putting up drywall yesterday and the electrician is supposed to be hooking up the heat today so they can warm up the house so they can tape and mud. DH and I are extremely frustrated with the contractor who would probably stretch this on until April. We’ve informed him we need to get out of the place where we are living by the end of the month and hope that will spur them to finish. We aren’t telling him that we can probably stay another month if necessary.

It’s been ten months since the fire. We are all ready to go home. Home where the water pressure doesn’t drop to nothing 5 or 6 times a day. Where the downstairs isn’t 45 degrees while the upstairs is 75. Where we can have our cats and dogs with us. Where we have Internet access. In fact, we’ve learned we can get broadband there now. Home where the boys each have their own room. Where I can take a long bubble bath. Home where our hearts and spirits belong as much as our bodies.

We’ve spent several hours working on the yard the last two weekends clearing the accumulated junk while the dumpster is there. This weekend we plan to tackle the shed because we have to clear space to store the furniture we won’t be using in the house. Some of it we are storing until the boys move out and we have more room. Some to refinish in the future. Some for a big yard sale when the weather is warmer. And some because DH and I can’t agree on what to do with it.

I’ll try and post before and after photos when we have an after.

Now I’ve caught up on emails, the Crusie and Mayer writing course, and my friends blogs. After I pick up the kids I’m going to get back to my rewrites. I’m itching to write, itching.

3 Responses to “I’m Baa-ack”

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  2. Sheryl Says:

    Robin! You’ve been missed. I’m so glad there’s been progress even if it is slow.

  3. McB Says:

    Robin! Go scratch that itch!!

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