Dream Big Write Big

Blogger ate the last post. Let’s try again.

In the Pro Retreat today, Linda Howard said she practiced 20 years before she sold her first book and she still doesn’t know how to write a synopsis.

Rules are good when you’re starting out and learning but then you need to throw them out the window and write your way.

Write the book you are passionate about even if it doesn’t fit into any slot. No one else can write the book you’re passionate about. She had an idea that just wouldn’t go away though she was told it wouldn’t sell. That idea became Son of the Morning.

There is no such thing as too sexy, too far out or too fantastic. You are cheating yourself if you don’t write the book you passionately believe in.

Another speaker (didn’t catch her name) said that success comes if you keep your hope and believe in yourself. Being sedentary is the death of creativity. If you believe it, it will happen. You will be published.

There was an agent’s panel consisting of Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency, laurie McLean of Pomada-Larsen Agency, Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown Ltd, Barbara Poelle of Irene Goodman and Jennifer Shober of Spencerhill. They are all actively acquiring. They flew through the types of books they want so fast I couldn’t get them all done. Check the Agency websites for that and for what they want.

2 Responses to “Dream Big Write Big”

  1. Jude Says:

    The other post showed up in my feed reader. Just fyi. 🙂


  2. McB Says:

    “She had an idea that just wouldn’t go away though she was told it wouldn’t sell. That idea became Son of the Morning.”

    One of my favorite books … not just LH or even just romance; one of my favorites, period. The next big thing in fiction sells in the first place because it’s good; because it’s good, it will become the next big thing.

    If a book is bad, it won’t matter if it fits every single criteria for the latest trend. Not only will it not sell well, it will bring down the category as a whole.

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