Day 4 RWA–Icing on the Cake

Today was good. Really good. I had breakfast with a friend, went to a workshop that was worth the entire trip and got free books. Learned a lot at publisher spotlights and a workshop on three ways to make yourself irresistible to editors and agents.

The workshop was Save The Cat given by Blake Snyder. He wrote a book of the same name. Go out and buy it now. I’m going to. Tried to buy it at the bookstore here but they were sold out. He’s funny and his explanation of the pitch, the log line, and his 15 point beat sheet really gave me some light bulb moments. I can’t write all my notes here. Besides his website and books will do it much better. He is also a very funny man who loves romance writers. His audience loved him right back.

This year is the first year I’ve gone to any of the Spotlights on publishers because the first two years I was concentrating on craft. I’d strongly recommend these spotlights to authors who have finished manuscripts but aren’t sure what lines they fit. I only wish I’d gotten to more. Oh well. Next year.

I also recommend visiting to learn the Three Ways of Impressing Editors and Agents. It is an informative website and I really enjoyed hearing Elizabeth Pomada and Laurie McClean give the workshop.

I’m going to miss the Award Ceremony because this is my anniversary and being a romance writer I think it’s good for a husband and wife to spend their anniversary out together.

I’m so glad I came to the conference and I’m looking forward to the next one in Washington D.C. next year.

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