A friend and fellow writer wrote about setting deadlines for herself on her blog–writeiam@ It made me think. I too set deadlines but too often don’t keep them. So I’m setting this one publicly.

I’m going to finish my rewrite of Body Language by Sept. 30th. This year. Why that date? I have three conferences in Oct and Nov where I’m going to pitch the book. I’m also ready to finish with this and move on to the next book.

How am I going to make it? I’m going to explain to my family what I’m doing. I’m going to write first. If I have to go somewhere that day, I’ll get up earlier to write. And I’ll report on my progress.

This weekend two of my critique partners joined me for a writing retreat at the beach. I prepared for Hanna but we didn’t let her stop us. I wrote 3094 words and organized the next scene.

That set me up for today. 2360 words and I finished the second part of the book. On to the third and final part of the book. Whoo Hoo.

My daily goal is 1500-2000 words and I need to write at least 5 days a week. If it continues to go like today, I might even finish early.

If you have a deadline you’re trying to meet or want to set one, join me in keeping track of your progress. A little competition can spur you to even greater efforts. Having a cheering squad, is even better.

One Response to “Deadlines”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Hey, Robin, i’ve been thinking about you this summer and hoping that the deadlines were all being met along the way. I’ll be glad to be on the sidelines and help wave some pom-poms in the air as you work your way to this deadline. See you saturday?

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