Not Quite There

Well, I’m not finished with the rewrite but I’m much farther along than I would have been without the deadline I set for myself.

Having the deadline gave me the push I needed to keep writing a little longer each day and to write even on days when the words weren’t flowing.

Since I last posted, I’ve written 8542 words. I’m at 89,791 and 308 pages.

I’m very pleased.

One of the things I didn’t take into consideration when I set my deadline and goal is that rewriting is part of the editing process. It’s not like Nanowrimo where you are turning off your internal editor so you can get the ideas down. I’ve done that part with this book. Now, I’m working on making it the best it can be. So I had to take the scenes I’d already written and look at them. What’s that scene’s purpose? What is the goal, motivation and conflict for the characters in this scene. Does it move the book along or is it just chatter?

Doing this slows the process. But that’s okay because my goal is not just a word count. It’s a good book.

I’m going to the NJRW conference the last weekend in October. This rewrite will be done then.

So reassessed deadline. Complete the rewrite by October 22nd. I might be able to get it done before but I’m trying to be realistic. This weekend will be spent with friends. I’m planning to get some writing done but it’s a revitalization weekend not a writing retreat. There are also several appointments, dentist, kid’s doctor, hair the following week and a conference that weekend.

So my goal for between now and this coming Sunday is 2500 words. Maybe I can do more and get this next chapter done.

3 Responses to “Not Quite There”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Good job. Reworking as you go is what it’s about and it is slower, you’re right, but it makes it all better in the end. NJRWA sounds like a great deadline.

  2. Keziah Fenton Says:

    That’s so true about editing. It’s hard to quantify as it’s all about quality at that point. Good job!

  3. Merry Says:

    Peeks in, looks around, tip toes quietly away again…

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