A No Games Challenge

This week I’m going to be challenging myself to not play any computer games.  For the whole week. 

How much more can I get done if I’m not playing spider solitaire or Internet Backgammon.  No Mahjong or Hearts.  Because I never can limit myself to just one game.

And this is such a busy time of year.  I have my goal of reaching 100,000 words by Dec. 31.  The house needs to be cleaned and decorated.  Haven’t hung a glass ball or put up a wreath yet.  I have bought a couple of gifts but haven’t wrapped a one.  I decided I’d use last week as my baseline and then keep track of what I accomplish this week.

So last week I cleaned one of the bathrooms and dusted the living room.  I wrote 8035 words, bought 3 gifts and spent the weekend caretaking for my parents.  It looks pretty insignificant when I see it in black and white.  I also 2 or 3 books.  I can’t remember which I was starting last Monday.  I didn’t spend all my extra time playing games.  I did the usual cooking, dishes, chauffeuring my youngest, grocery shopping, animal care and watched some TV.  Of course, I usually was doing an on-line jigsaw or playing games while watching. 

Anyone else feel they let too much time disappear into the black hole of game playing?  If you do, feel free to join me. 

And I guess I need to add the jigsaws to the list of things I won’t be doing this week.  Sigh. 

 It might be a very long week.

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