Oyster Festival

Today we went to the Urbana Oyster Festival. Sunny, cold and absolutely beautiful with all the boats in the harbor and the fall colors on shore. We got there early about 10 am which was great because the crowds weren’t too bad yet. I got to talk with a representative from the Reedville Museum, someone from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and an oyster gardener. Picked up a number of references and the person from the CBF referred me to a local author who has written a number of books on watermen on the VA side of the Chesapeake. I found him in a corner of his wife’s shop with a pile of books. I bought several including one on the Civil War for my husband’s birthday. He was telling me about another book of his that had quite a bit on the Civil War. I asked “Do you have a copy here?” He grinned and said he was still writing it. I can identify with that. He also gave me the names of two other authors who are experts on Va watermen.

I started one of his books on the way home. His name is Larry Chowning and his book is excellent.

I haven’t written much today because this evening friends had invited us to an oyster roast/chili dinner. It was fun but cold. I’m skipping ahead in the book a bit because I had a brainstorm regarding the heroine/hero’s meeting so I’m writing that scene while it is fresh.

Thanks CMS, Dee and SDCB for your encouragement. That 8800 word day is the exception rather than the rule with my writing but it helped get me going.

Trying to be disciplined here and go to write though with all the fresh air, walking, good food and cold today I’m feeling sleepy.

3 Responses to “Oyster Festival”

  1. Scope Dope Cherrybomb Says:

    Good luck with your writing although it doesn’t sound like you really need it. I have finally caught up to you but I am sure that will change once you stop eating oysters. I assume that the information on watermen is research for your story. What happened to the story you told us in New Jersey? That was terrific and you hadn’t written it yet so you could have used that too. At the rate you are going you could do two books in the month. /,D

    Reall, good luck Robin. I hope we all make it to 50,000.

  2. McB Says:

    Scope, IIRC, George was a waterman, uh, in his previous life. So its all good.

    Robin, sounds like you are soaking up lots of info and atmosphere. Can’t wait to read it! You know we’re going to feel particularly proprietary about this book.

  3. Sheryl Says:

    Robin, keep writing. I’m all out of sequence in my wip. I had some great insight into the halfway point of my book and am going to write it now instead of later. Despite the fact that I’m still in the first third of the book. But it’s best to write while the ideas are fresh than lose them altogether.

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