Almost to the Half-way point

I uploaded my book to the Nanowrimo site and I’ve written 24,400 words. I’ve actually written a bit more but I did it while I was waiting to pick up the kids so it’s in my notebook not on the computer.

I’m relieved at the word count because you never know what is going to happen in your life and it seems to be working out that I have several days a week when I can’t write for any length of time. Like tomorrow. The contractor called today and said we needed to pick out our plumbing fixtures. Now. So tomorrow I’ll be running to showrooms. After I blue tape where I want the closet in our room. I built it before and it was a little too small. Or I put the door in the wrong place or something. So I need to show them where I want it. Tomorrow. They’ve been twiddling their thumbs for months and but of course now that they’re moving everything we need to do should be done yesterday. Figures. But at least we’re seeing progress now.

And I’m at a good point in the book too. My plan. Instead of laying in bed thinking about the story when I wake up early, I’ll fire up the computer and write it Then I’ll have something written.

I’m in the middle of the first love scene and I’m bound and determined to finish that tonight. At least in the notebook. I can type it up when I’m too tired to be creative.

I want to write now! But I’m in the library and middle son will be calling any minute to tell me to pick him up at the Y. My poor characters are frustrated enough without me starting and stopping them like that.

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