Days Like This!!!

Days like today are the reason I’ve tried to write like crazy on the days I can. I haven’t written a word today, not even in my notebook. Blah. I will write tonight though. First a look at a day in the life…

Boys off to school. Knew I needed to run by house first to move tape for closet. So didn’t go exercise, just jumped in the shower. For some reason, water pressure wasn’t good. I managed to wash off the soap and then dressed and went to brush my teeth. No water. None.

Okay, if I call the landlord he’ll kick us out because I complain to much. But we need water. So I called his son who is supposed to do maintenance here and left a message. Said I’d be glad to do/check whatever if he’d tell me what to do/check. My husband is the one who got the tour of the workings of this place and he is of course in NY. And not answering his cell phone.

Called the contractor. Left a message. I need to ask him some questions about the things he told me I needed to do.

Called the mortgage company to find out why they haven’t released money to the contractor. Got shifted to hold four times. After about 10 minutes of this I gave up. Called back cleaners who are trying to get the smoke out of our clothes. Got the answering machine again.

Drove to house. Talked to plumbers but forgot to show them where to put kitchen sink. Didn’t remember until late afternoon. Drove back to the house but they were gone.

Called my brother, a contractor, to find out good measurements for a small walk-in closet. I’d ask our contractor but he hasn’t called me back. Moved blue tape on floor. Will tell contractor where I want the door if he ever calls me back.

Went to look at bathroom/kitchen fixtures. Loaded with brochures. Went to look at appliances. Couldn’t find what we were thinking about at the Sears outlet. Drove back to check on electric fixtures at store in our town. Walked in. No showroom. Turns out they’ve moved it. Did hear a funny story about a mouse storing catfood in the motor of a pick-up.

Drove to electric showroom. I need an appointment because we have lots to figure out. I don’t even know if the electrical contractor doing our house gets things here. I don’t know his name/co so I can call and ask. Because the contractor has not called me back.

Loaded with more catalogs and with an appointment for tomorrow am. Drove back to house (30 min.) to measure rooms and ceilings. I have the measurements but they are at the cottage 90 min away. While I was there I collected the mail. Spreadsheet from the cleaners. Most of my winter clothes have been deemed unreclaimable. Oh joy. Glad it’s going to be unseasonably warm for a few days.

Picked up youngest for orthodontist appt. 45 min away. Scheduled middle son for next Friday. Another afternoon I won’t get much written.

Came to library so I could check emails. Still have heard nothing about the water or from the contractor. So I may get home and have no water. Oh well. As long as I have electricity so I can write.

Tomorrow will be more of the same. This is why I tried to get ahead.

I will write today and tomorrow even if I only manage 200 words. I will write.

3 Responses to “Days Like This!!!”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Oh man, it’s days like this that make me wonder how anyone ever gets anything done. I hope it’s all straightened out by the time you read this. You can always name a villain after the contractor/landlord/plumber/mortgage company.

  2. Scope Dope Cherrybomb Says:

    What a day. I haven’t written a lot today either, at least not a lot of quality scenes, I don’t think. I am just too tired and Jim is home and I don’t like to keep him out of ‘his’ office too long yada yada.

    I don’t know how you are getting anything done or written either, at this rate Robin. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It sounds like there is too much on your plate right now. Take some time for you. If writing is what puts you in a happy space go for it but not if it is giving you more stress.

    good luck. Thinking of you.

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