Round and Round and Round She Goes

Thanks for the good thoughts CMS and SDCB. Writing does put me in a happy place. I don’t think I’d keep doing it if it didn’t.

Got about 1000 words written last night and the first sex scene. Feel good about that.

Spent 3.5 hours looking at light fixtures, 2.5 hours driving and 2 hours looking at our furniture. It cleaned up better than I expected though a few pieces need to be refinished. From the fire. A lot needs to be refinished because it did before but we’ll do that ourselves after we are back in the house.

I was supposed to go to dinner with the chapter board and our speakers tonight but the site of the dinner was changed to a place at least 30 minutes further away from me and I just can’t do it. I might make it there but don’t think I’d make it back. So I’m going to call and give my regrets. Instead I’ll spend some time with my family. That’s a good thing.

Contractor still hasn’t called me back. Grrrr.

2 Responses to “Round and Round and Round She Goes”

  1. Scope Dope Cherrybomb Says:

    I don’t know how you have time for anything with all the work entailed in getting your house back and in order.

    Good for you to get anything done. I have nothing else on my plate and I still only managed 1380 words yesterday. Today I have been having really bad chills all day and got 3,000. Of course I am all wrapped up in a shawl and quilt while I am typing but I am typing.

    I think some of what I have written is crap but I will worry about that after Nov.30. I am trying to write quality but yesterday it didn’t seem to be. Who knows?

    I wish you and Sheryl would come and write my sex scenes, then there would be some. Right now they have had only a couple of passionate kisses and even then I am not sure they are too passionate. It is the kisses that keep holding me up. I am still trying hard to tell the story though. I don’t know when to put in my big conflict scene. I have written a few little ones for them but the big one needs to come closer to the end and I am not close to the end, although I could be in a big hurry. It would only take one person to mention that one little word, Bet.

  2. Sheryl Says:

    You’re making fantastic progress to write a single word while dealing with all this house stuff. 1,000 words is unbelievable. Keep going!

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