Cherry Bombs in San Francisco

K.T., OH, RSS (back), Merry, and GG after a great dinner in Chinatown.
Who knew our own Lori had a diner. Breakfast was delicious.
K.T. and OH in front of the diner. I could have sworn I took a picture of the sign too.
In the top middle is the top of the San Francisco Marriot where RWA National was held.
The gate to Chinatown where Dee, my youngest and I had just finished buying out the shops and having a nice lunch.

Not the best pictures but there they are.

One of the best things about the conference was the chance to meet my on-line friends in person and reconnect with friends I’ve met before.

Thanks to everyone’s tips the blues fled, the submission was sent off and jet lag was a non-event. Now I need to get back into the book.

Goal. Revisions done by Sept. 15th. Final polishing done by Oct. 1st.

3 Responses to “Cherry Bombs in San Francisco”

  1. McB Says:

    Great pictures, I enjoyed them very much. Glad you got eat at Lori’s place. Who knew she had a dog? And is that your youngest peeping around the edge of the last photo?

  2. rssasrb Says:

    It is indeed. He was putting up his hand to tell me not to take the picture because he wanted to go over to the lions by the gate and get his picture standing by one of them.

  3. Kay T Says:

    Wow, thanks for the pics, although you are not in enough of them. Congrats for sending in the stuff requested. I would have been very annoyed with you if you had not followed up. But you seem like a very disciplined person so knew you would do it.

    Now I need to you to come over here and give me some discipline. ?? Oh well, that did not come out like I meant it!

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