The Hardest Thing About Being a Parent

Parenting is not an easy job. The manuals aren’t complete and training in 0n-the-job and seat-of-your-pants. But the hardest thing is seeing your children hurting.

Hurting at a cut, a sting, a broken bone. Hurting at a broken toy, a messed up video game, a screwed up audition. Hurting at the loss of a friend, a pet, a girlfriend.

If I could I’d take all the hurts physical and mental and spare them the pain. But I can’t. And shouldn’t. Because learing to cope with and survive the small hurts gives them the strength and mechanisms to deal with the larger ones. I know this. It doesn’t make it any easier.

All I can do is be there for them with a hug, an ear, advice if they ask for it. (Still waiting on that day), and love. Lots of love. And hope that they will learn that though living life to the full and risking your heart sometimes brings pain, the rewards and the joys outweigh this and you should never stop striving for the heights. Never stop loving and caring. If I can teach them this then I will have done my job right

2 Responses to “The Hardest Thing About Being a Parent”

  1. McB Says:

    uh oh. Sounds like someone in your house has had a bad week.

  2. rssasrb Says:

    No. Actually a minor (to me) loss that made me think about this.

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