Clearing and Cleaning

I’ve been spending the last couple of days clearing stuff from our bedroom and cleaning. When I’m busy writing, I let things pile up. I can take it for a while then it starts to stifle my creativity. So I decided to work on clearing things out of the room and my mind. So far, I’ve cleaned the closet, packed up summer things and gotten a trash bag of clothes to take to Goodwill. I’ve gone through a large box of cds and photos that’s been sitting in our bedroom since last Dec. My dresser top is cleared. Next it’s my bookshelves and vanity and two boxes on the floor.

I’ve thought of some places I need to work on in Body Language and tomorrow, I’ll start going through it again for the last time before sending off the requested full manuscripts.

I still hope to get them off by Friday, but this week is turning out busier than I had planned. I have a dentist appt and an appointment with the satellite TV people Tues. Wed. is critique group and Christmas shopping. Thurs my dad has two doctor’s appts and I’m going with my mom to help her. The plan is to work on the book tomorrow, Tues afternoon and Thurs afternoon and hopefully to print it out on Friday and mail it. But if necessary, I’ll work during next weekend and get it out at the beginning of the following week. The important thing is to feel confident of what I’m sending off. I don’t expect the agents and editors will be looking at what I send until after the holidays, but I want it off so I can move on to revising the second book.

So decorating is going to have to wait until this is done. And the house is clean.

2 Responses to “Clearing and Cleaning”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Oh i’ve been head’s down on writing and getting stuff into the mail. Happy Belated Turkey day. Congrats on writing ‘The End’!

  2. Keziah Fenton Says:

    It’s funny how we tend to clean the house while we’re mulling over writing stuff. 😀 If I’m at the computer typing things pile up all around me and I’m completely oblivious. Until I trip over them or the story is done. That version at least. Happy revising.

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