Once again, I’m done. Thank you McB, McB’s mom, BCB, CMS and my critique partners Alleyne and Diane for all your feedback and help.

The last full, which needs to be sent snail mail, won’t get out until Monday because I had a brainstorm last night and decided the black moment would be blacker if done in the antagonist’s POV. So today I rewrote it. It works. I hope. I’ve been reading and rereading. Going over comments and adjusting and editing and revising to the point when I can’t really assess it any more.

I’m going to wait to hear back from the partials (or until Feb 1st) before starting to send out cold queries.

And I’m ready to move on to the next project. After I clean the house and decorate and bake and do all that holiday stuff.

One Response to “TA DA”

  1. McB Says:

    wah! You’ve been blogging and I missed it!

    You are going to knock them out of the park with your book, no problem. It’s been our pleasure to be your gunea pigs.

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