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What we did on our summer vacation

August 18, 2009

Now, I had great intentions of writing about our vacation while we were on it but I wanted to include pictures so had to wait. So here is the first installment of “Hawaii–with teenagers.”

First, I’ve been to Hawaii once before–30 years ago. I went with my two sisters, a friend and her friend. It was a great trip and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. We spent most of our time at Waikiki and on Oahu but did take a quick (very quick, all in one day)trip to the Big Island to visit the Volcano National Park and to Maui for a sunset luau.

Planning the trip: I love this part. I have so much fun reading about the place we are to visit and picking the activities I think my family will enjoy. I first started planning the trip to Hawaii 5 years ago. We had our flights and hotels booked and then had the house fire. Since then, we haven’t been able to get the hotel and airline tickets using points until this year.

For anyone interested in visiting Hawaii or just reading about it I recommend the series of guidebooks on the islands by Andrew Doughty published by Wizard Publications. They have one on The Big Island, one on Oahu, one on Maui, and one on Kauai. I used Hawaii, The Big Island Revealed and Oahu Revealed. I’m seriously considering buying the other two because one day I hope to go there and it’s so much fun reading these books.

So first stop, Oahu because the main thing DH wanted to do in Hawaii and the reason he’s always dreamed of going there was to visit Pearl Harbor.

We got up and were out of the house by 3:30am to catch our 5:25 am flight. We went Richmond to Charlotte, Charlotte to Phoenix and Phoenix to Honolulu. Later this year there will be direct flights from Charlotte to Hawaii. When I was planning this I figured we’d be so excited that we would want to go for a walk on the beach or a swim that afternoon. The guys told me, no way don’t plan anything for that day because we’ll be wiped out. And they were right. By the time we got the rental car, went to the hotel and checked in what little energy we had left was gone. We ate dinner at the hotel buffet(and it was better than I’d expected from the guidebook’s review, we all enjoyed our food) Then the boys went up to the rooms and DH very kindly walked across the street to the beach with me.

Waikiki and Honolulu are very different than I remembered