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Lost Corgi’s Happy Ending

August 10, 2016

IMG_0072This is Cher. A few weeks ago, a VDOT worker found
her wandering at the corner of our road. Since a number
of large trucks were on the way, he called animal control
because he was afraid she would be hurt. In the meantime, Ed
arrived home and called me to see if I knew who she belonged to.
I had never seen her before but we took her up to the porch so she
would not be hurt. While Ed drove around to all the neighbors to
see if they had lost a dog, Luke and I gave her some food and water
and sat with her on the porch. I called nearby campgrounds and motels
to see if anyone had reported a lost dog. We had no success and the
animal control office arrived and took her to the shelter.

We kept asking around and calling animal control to check to see if her owner had been found but a week went by and she was put up for adoption.  She is a sweetheart and we wished we could adopt her but two of our dogs are elderly and in ill health and not accepting of new dogs right now.

Today, VDOT was back working on our road.  The gentleman that first found her came over and told Ed he had adopted the sweet corgi and named her Cher.  He said who ever dumped her had not taken good care of her.  She was not neutered, they found three tumors, had an infection and her teeth were so badly decayed they all had to be pulled.  Her new owner connected with a Corgi rescue group who paid for all of her treatment.  She is now spayed, the tumors have been removed and she is on antibiotics for the infections.  She lives happily with her new owner and his pet bunny.

It’s wonderful to know there are people out there who care enough to rescue and love abandoned and neglected animals.