It Started With Socks

It’s cold out.  My toes need socks to keep them warm.  But alas I could only find one of each pair.  Even the new ones I’ve only washed and worn once.  So I decided to try and find the missing socks. 

First I put away the clean clothes in the basket in our room.  I found more singles but only a couple to finish off the pairs.  Then I decided maybe the missing socks were in my sock drawer.  I pulled that out of the plastic shelving in the closet and dumped it on the bed.  Excitement mounted.  A few more lonely ones were reunited.  I started putting them neatly in the drawer. 

But wait!  I had another drawer with hose and maybe socks.  I pulled that out and dumped it on the bed after almost tripping over the stuff on the floor of the closet.  Could some of the socks be buried there?

Dragged the containers of sweaters, bags of boxes, hangers, shoes, step ladder and the clothes draped over it,  and mini vaccuum out.  Piled them on the bed. 

Geez.  How did all this dust get in here.  Went and got bigger vaccuum and cleaned the floor.  Gathered summer shoes and put in plastic boxes.  Brought ladder back in to put them on top shelf of closet.  Matched up shoes and put them neatly in shoe rack except for the boots and sneakers.  Lined them up in front of the rack.

Whew.  Grabbed coffee cup to top off my caffiene lever.  Oh no, the coffee had gotten cold.  So went downstairs to nuke it.  While down there, saw the pile of my clean clothes on the kitchen table.  There were socks in it.  Filled empty laundry basket and carryed it and coffee back upstairs.

Matched up some more socks.  Oh joyous day.  But still some missing.  I remembered I’d stashed some lonely socks in my underwear drawer so I  pulled it out and put it on the bed.  The cats sleeping on the bed were beginning to get irritated. 

Put clothes away, matched socks but the drawer was getting overfull.  Moved nice trouser socks and knee highs into drawer with the panty hose I haven’t worn in eons.  One drawer for crew socks and warmer ones and one for the dressier stuff.  Matched some more.  Both drawer getting too full.

Pulled out two more drawers and dumped them on the bed.  I didn’t need a drawer just for my belts now did I.  I don’t have that many.  Put all belts on hanger in closet, scarves in one drawer and separated crew and warm socks.  Looked at the bed.  Somehow I now had a bigger pile of unmatched socks than I started with.  Not all mine. 

Sighed.  Went back down to get my husband’s pile of clean clothes.  And another cup of coffee.  As I carried my cup through the kitchen I spied a plastic container full of—yep, socks.  Added it to clean clothes and brought everything upstairs.  Started putting away, matching, hanging all over again.

At the end of 3 hours, I have all my sweaters hung, summer clothes moved to back corner of closet, all drawers neatly filled and returned to cabinet, husband’s socks in his drawer, boys’ in their basket of clean clothes down stairs.  Nothing left on the bed but 30 lonely socks of all shapes and colors.  They whispered “Clean out another drawer.  Our mates may be there.

I closed my ears to their plea and stuffed them all back into a plastic bin and carried them back downstairs.  This lets them believe that one day their mate will show up and they will be reunited again.  When in truth I fear that day will never come because their mates have fallen into the black hole of lost socks.  But please don’t tell them.  Let their hope live on.  It breaks my heart to hear them cry.

The moral of this story:  if you don’t have 3 hours free, don’t start looking for lost socks.

2 Responses to “It Started With Socks”

  1. McB Says:

    Well you’ve been busy! And I guess you don’t need Santa to bring you any socks this year.

  2. rssasrb Says:

    No, I had thought I needed to ask for some.

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