A Day of Hope and Love

I’m snuggled in bed writing this after making sure Santa came and put the presents where the dogs couldn’t get them.  Such a difference in Christmas morning now than when our boys were younger.  Then they’d be up and clamoring for their dad and I to wake up.  Now, they groan when told we need to be at the grandparents by noon.  Not because they don’t want to go.  But because they prefer not to wake up until after noon.

My friend KD James on her blog http://kdjames.com/ posted about the Sun Times letter, Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus.  It got me thinking about belief in Santa, fairies and the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas began as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  It was merged as so many Christian celebrations are with earlier rites and celebrations of the winter solstice.  Celebrations of the rebirth of the sun.  

December in the Northern Hemisphere seems a time of death.  The leaves have fallen off the trees.  It is too cold to grow food crops, animals go into hibernation and the days become shorter and shorter.  Even the sun, the source of light, warmth and food, seems to be disappearing a little more each day.  But there is hope.  When the world is the coldest, the darkest, the most barren, the days begin to lengthen again.  A promise that life and warmth will return once again to this world.

What is Santa Claus if not hope?  Hope that you will recieve what you want most.  Hope that there is someone in this world who will give out of love without regard to your color, beliefs, or place of birth.  Someone who will labor all year and race around the world to make at least some of your wishes come true.

Hope and Love.  This is Christmas.  The Christian belief that God so loved the world, He sent His Son to save it.  The ancient beliefs that warmth and plenty would return after the darkest day.  It’s not about things.  It’s not about decorations or food.  Christmas is Hope.  Christmas is Love for each other, for our world.  And for me that has no relation to a person’s religion or race or country.

Peace on Earth.  Goodwill to all.  We have not achieved these things.  We may not in my lifetime.  But if each of us try every day in some small way to spread love and hope to others, we will be closer to making these wishes come true.

That is my wish for this Christmas.  That I can do better at spreading Love and Hope every day of the year.

One Response to “A Day of Hope and Love”

  1. McB Says:

    Lovely, lovely post, and it mirrors my own beliefs as well. The faith based part of Christmas is important; but I don’t mind sharing the bells and whistles with the rest of the world.

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